LKAB’s Kiruna mine: inspecting seismic event damage

Duration: 15 minutes

Swedish mining giant LKAB suffered a significant seismic event at their Kiruna iron ore mine. Before they were able to restart operations, they needed to gain a complete understanding of the damage. AMKVO, a Swedish remote-sensing company, was called in to map the damage with Hovermap.

Learn how: Watch the webinar to hear from AMKVO’s Alexander Paulusson on how:
  • AMKVO were able to safely map the damaged areas of Kiruna mine without exposing LKAB personnel to any danger
  • Mapping the production drifts took only a few days, and LKAB were able to start planning remedial works within weeks of the seismic event
  • AMKVO were able to capture quality point cloud output in challenging conditions
  • Other mines in Sweden now use the Hovermap system to scan stopes and drifts

Speaker: Alexander Paulusson, CEO of AMKVO – drone and remote sensing specialists