Hovermap in Action Competition

6 January 2021

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Enter to win $5,000 (USD) on Your Account

To celebrate the many uses of Hovermap and the point clouds being created, we are holding the Hovermap in Action Competition.

There will be two categories:

  • Best photo of Hovermap in Action, showcasing the versatility of Hovermap (the more amazing the location, the better), and
  • Best Point Cloud image, showcasing the richness and high-level of details that can be achieved with Hovermap.

Enter as many times as you like! (One entry per form submission.)


The winner of each category will receive $5,000 (USD) to use on your account for upgrades, your next license, Colourisation for Hovermap, or accessories.


To be eligible to enter you must be an existing Hovermap customer with the right to share and distribute the information that forms your entry.

Enter either an Hovermap in Action photo at an amazing location, or a point cloud snapshot showcasing high-level details, using the form to the right.

Each entry will require a unique submission of the form, including entries into different categories.

Entries close midnight, Saturday 13th February 2021 (GMT).

The winner will be announced the week of the 22nd February.





  • You must be a Hovermap customer to enter.
  • All entries must be received by midnight Feb 13 2021 (GMT).
  • Winners will be decided by a panel of 3 Emesent employees.
  • Panel decision is final and not disputable.
  • All entries must be submitted using the form at https://emesent.com/2021/01/06/hovermap-point-cloud-competition/.
  • One form submission will be counted as one entry.
  • Images, data and descriptions provided can be used by Emesent on social media and publications (please advise if your organization would prefer not to be identified as part of the competition).
  • Images/photos should be a minimum of 1920 x 1080 pixels in dimensions.
  • By entering the competition you confirm that you have the right to distribute the information submitted as part of your entry and that you are authorised to share it outside of your organisation.
  • Hovermap Ambassadors and Emesent staff are not eligible to enter.


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The winner will be announced the week of the 22nd February, so stay tuned. Good luck to all who have entered.