Hovermap-Zoe to be unveiled at the Commercial UAV Expo

The Commercial UAV Expo is the place to learn about the most exciting new technologies in UAVs. Returning this year, it hosts an exciting and powerful new solution with the official unveiling of our latest integration – Hovermap-Zoe.

Hovermap-Zoe brings together our Hovermap autonomy and mapping payload and the Zoe aircraft from Acecore Technologies in a seamless integration. It provides Zoe the power of Hovermap’s proven autonomy functions that allows it to fly beyond line of sight and communication range — even in challenging GPS-denied environments.

A key enabler for this integration is Hovermap’s compatibility with the open-source ArduPilot flight control platform, which will enable Hovermap integration with many more drone platforms going forward.

“Hovermap-Zoe takes advantage of the Zoe drone’s ability to fly in challenging conditions, like continuous wind speeds of 30 knots. It also entitles it to fly in areas where concerns over country of origin can be prohibitive, for example, sensitive government or defense assets,” said Peter Dickinson, Head of Product Management.

“Hovermap’s adjustable collision avoidance will maintain a safe standoff distance from assets. Plus, Zoe’s payload capability will allow users to attach a top mount camera to capture high resolution images anywhere.”

Equally capable above ground or underground, indoors or out, Hovermap is proudly Australian made, designed, and developed. This pairs nicely with the robust, compact, and weatherproof Zoe drone crafted in the Netherlands.

Hovermap is already widely used around the world, including in North America. It has been used to capture point cloud data of iconic architecture like the New York Grand Central Station and Las Vegas Boulevard. Its high resolution data enables accurate measurements, volumetrics, and other analyses in a fraction of the time, as it has done for the Grass Valley Center for the Arts in California.

NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory is also using Hovermap in their project exploring the caves in Lava Beds National Monument, in California, with the ultimate aim of exploring the lava tubes on Mars for signs of ancient, alien life.

The Hovermap-Zoe integration is another step towards expanding Hovermap’s versatility and its variety of uses.

The new combination will be unveiled at the Commercial UAV Expo by the North America team. With plans to open a regional office in the near future, the team will service the growing demand for Hovermap and support the expanding network of resellers and customers in the region.

“We’re excited to announce this expansion into the northern hemisphere,” said Emesent’s CEO and Co Founder Dr Stefan Hrabar.

“It marks a significant step in our growth from a start-up to a global company with over 100 employees. Our North American office will allow us to work more closely with our existing US partners in their quest to safely and efficiently map the most challenging and inaccessible areas in the region.”

To be one of the first to see the new Hovermap-Zoe, visit us at booth 723 during the Commercial UAV Expo, being held in Las Vegas from September 7 to 9. Visit their website for more information.

Find out more about this exciting new solution on the Hovermap™ – Zoe page.