From Point Clouds to CAD Drawings

Using Hovermap Data in PointCab Origins

Emesent is collaborating with PointCab to enable users to import a processed Hovermap scan into PointCab Origins for improved outputs.

PointCab Origins is a 3D data visualization, manipulation, and mensuration tool. Typical LiDAR data files (.laz or .las) can be imported, and PointCab Origins will automatically detect a Hovermap scan and select the project settings for the best results. Available in the latest version, this integration results in clear images with accurate vectorization and will streamline the point cloud to model workflow, saving users time.

Users can also combine scans from different sources, including terrestrial and mobile scans, to provide one project. Projects can be output in AutoCAD’s .dwg files, .dxf files, or interchangeable formats (Collada or 3DS) for import into Trimble SketchUp, Autodesk Maya, or 3DS Max, or Rhino 3D. Users can even transfer a partial or an entire point cloud directly into objects in Revit, Archicad, or BriscsCAD, making it easier for Hovermap users to get from point cloud to final output.

PointCab Origins also allows users to perform a variety of tasks with the data before it reaches the final output stage. The results of these tasks can be easily shared with PointCab Share.

These include taking quick measurements from Hovermap data to provide as-built details or determine if a space is adequate for new equipment; or unfolding a scanned structure to view the interior in an unwrapped view – e.g., for conducting a surface inspection of the interior of a tank.

Hovermap users can perform a quick walking scan of an office interior, then use PointCab Origins to straighten the scan and automatically find and vectorize lines in the scan. Alternatively, they can use the manual vectorize tools to merge, split, add lines or intersect them at corners. The project can be exported to a .dwg file for further work in a CAD software package.

When mounted to a drone, Hovermap enables users to quickly and safely scan stockpiles. The data can then be imported into PointCab Origins to calculate heights or volume using the mesh tools. It creates a detailed PDF report that can easily be shared.

For more information on the Hovermap-PointCab integration, get in touch below.