Webinar: Commander App & Firmware 3.0

Watch this webinar to hear how Emesent is replacing the controller software ‘Air Marshal’ with a new app called Emesent Commander. Commander controls the execution of missions, and simplifies workflows.

Firmware 3.0 delivers the enhanced autonomous mission capabilities accessed through the Commander interface.

What to expect with Commander and Firmware 3.0:

    • New: The app represents a complete user-centric overhaul of the Emesent Hovermap control software.
    • A significantly streamlined interface simplifies mission workflows.
    • Major improvements to Emesent’s autonomous perception capabilities, increasing precision, accuracy and range.
    • New built-in fail safes, including pre-mission checks, warnings and notifications, will keep operators informed and guide correct action.
    • Substantial point-cloud visualization improvements.
    • More efficient handling of large-scale point clouds.
    • Improved handling of adverse environmental conditions.
    • And more…

Duration: 45 minutes