360 Colorization Kit for Hovermap

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Add a new level of reality

Add a new level of reality capture to your 3D point clouds with Emesent’s 360 degree colorization.  No matter if data is captured by drone, vehicle, backpack or handheld, it’s faster and easier than ever to augment Hovermap’s 3D point clouds with true 360 color to provide richer context and uncover deeper insights. Reveal previously hidden details in your critical infrastructure, even in areas that may not be readily accessible or without GPS access. To colorize your scan, simply attach the rugged 360 action camera to Hovermap with our custom quick-release mount. The same scan can be used to extract 360 images, streamlining your workflow.

Benefit From:

Accelerated Capture

Accelerated SLAM capture with multi-platform colorization for handheld, backpack, vehicle and drone scans

360 degree images

Ability to extract 360 degree images from the same capture

Colorize merged assets

Ability to colorize merged datasets from an entire project site or asset

Mask unwanted objects

Features that allow masking of unwanted objects and removal of unwanted frames

Where to use 360 Colorization

  • Aid understanding of non expert stakeholders
  • Provide greater meaning to draftspeople working on a scan who do not have the original context
  • Communicate construction progress in AEC
  • Show greater detail to plan plant shutdowns in oil and gas
  • Add 360 images to colorization to allow deeper inspection of pipe or equipment condition

What’s in the kit?

  • GoPro Max 360 camera
  • 360 color mount for Hovermap
  • Emesent air mesh cable bag
    128GB microSD card

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