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Special 5-Year Anniversary Offer for all Hovermap 100 users

In early 2019 we were proud to launch the Hovermap 100. It was revolutionary in its time for providing unprecedented insight into GPS-denied and inaccessible places. Since then, we’ve released the award-winning Hovermap ST. IP65-rated and far more versatile – able to switch between an extensive range of accessories and payload delivery platforms. And the Hovermap ST-X – our flagship mapping solution – delivering even greater range, speed, accuracy and precision.

During this time, we’ve also expanded the capabilities of our data processing and visualization software Aura and released a mission planning and control app called Commander. And we’re just getting started.

As a long-term user of Hovermap, we want you to share in this 5-year milestone.

For a limited time, you can upgrade to either Hovermap ST or ST-X and benefit from an unprecedented discount.

We know how much the Hovermap 100 has meant these past 5 years – which is why you can enjoy this trade-in deal AND keep your original unit. What’s more, choose your offer below and then benefit from 20% off all Hovermap accessories. 

Yet another thing worth celebrating!


Activate a new 3-year subscription and receive:

40% off Hovermap ST or ST-X
+ 20% off all accessories
+ FREE Colorization Kit and GoPro*

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Activate a new 3-year subscription to enjoy:

Your new Autonomy subscription at our Plus pricing^
+ 55% off Hovermap ST or ST-X
+ 20% off all accessories
+ BONUS Drone Mount Kit*
+ FREE Colorization Kit for Long Range Radio and GoPro*

^When purchased before 28 June 2024.

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Upgrade advantage

How things compareHovermap 100Hovermap STHovermap ST-X
LiDAR precision+-30mm+-30mm+-10mm
Weight1.8kg (3.96lbs)1.6kg (3.5lbs)1.57kg (3.46lbs)
Compatible with the DJI M350 droneNoYesYes
Compatible with the FreeFly Astro droneNoNoYes
Compatible with 360-degree colorization, Vehicle RTK and Long Range RadioNoYesYes
IP RatingN/AIP65IP65
Platform support after June 2025NoYesYes

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*This offer is only available for existing owners of Emesent Hovermap 100 models. You must provide proof of purchase to be eligible for this promotion. A photo of the Hovermap 100 Payload Serial Number will be accepted. There is no need for return Hovermap 100 units to Emesent. Autonomy subscriptions must be purchased before 28 June 2024 to qualify for the Plus subscription pricing offer. Customers with existing subscriptions can use the remainder of their term as a credit against their purchase. New 3-year subscription terms will start from the shipping of the unit. Free Colorization, GoPro, and Long Range Radio Kits for Hovermap ST or ST-X require proof of purchase for the equivalent Hovermap 100 accessories. Shipping costs for new Hovermap units and accessories are not included in this offer and will be charged to the purchaser. This offer ends 27 December 2024.