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An incredible Autonomy price. But for a limited time only.

Autonomy has been central to Emesent’s focus from the beginning.

Our award-winning SLAM-based LiDAR mapping solution – Hovermap – is renowned for keeping people and equipment safer in underground and challenging environments.

Hovermap with Autonomy stands out as the must-have survey capability for all site, equipment, and project managers worldwide.

Hovermap’s accuracy over long distances, ability to navigate within GPS-denied settings, and quality 3D maps, remain key to supporting businesses with actionable data. 

Recent enhancements – such as the mission planning app Commander and the visualization capabilities of our data processing software Aura – are providing critical insights that help reduce risk, maintain operations, and support life-saving decisions.

If you are not yet using Autonomy, now is the time to start.

For a limited time, Hovermap with Autonomy is available at the same price as our lower-tier Plus subscription.

To find out about Autonomy capabilities continue reading below, or simply click order now to enquire.

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What everyone gets from Plus

Proximity Map

Use the proximity map to avoid obstacles and navigate the drone safely from a distance.

Smart Battery

Maximize flight time and return the drone to base safely using Hovermap’s battery monitoring and shortest route home features.

Magnetic Interference Tolerance

Maintain flight stability in areas of magnetic interference.

Barometric Pressure Tolerance

Fly safely in tight spaces where air pressure fluctuates using the Hovermap SLAM altitude control feature.

Omnidirectional Collision Avoidance

Create a virtual safety shield around the drone and avoid the smallest of obstacles.

Live Stream Onboard Drone Camera*

View a live stream of the mission with an integrated drone camera and Emesent software.

*Requires additional hardware to enable features

Additional features you get with Autonomy at the Plus price

Smart Waypoints

Let the drone self-navigate to pre-set waypoints and monitor its progress via a live-streamed 3D map.

Beyond Line-Of Sight Flight (BLOS)

Capture complex assets with a BVLOS Hovermap flight in GPS-denied environments.

Guided Exploration and Intelligent Path Planning

Hovermap’s autonomous path planning algorithms guide the drone through its flight mission.

Tap-To-Fly Operation

Fly an entire mission, from take-off to landing, with Hovermap’s easy to use interface.

Communication Loss Return-To-Home

Minimize the risk from communications loss between the drone and Hovermap.

Operate Beyond Communication Range

Hovermap finds a safe route to a waypoint (continue beyond Wifi and radio communication ranges) before returning to home.

Purchase a new 3-year Autonomy subscription and enjoy the following benefits:

  • A full Autonomy subscription at the price of the lower-tier ‘Plus’.
  • Discount on optional back-up unit with a purchase of Emesent Hovermap ST or ST-X.
  • Discount on optional back-up unit with a purchase of DJI M350 or Freely Astro drone.

Time limit: Offer ends 20 December 2024

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*Bundles can be customized. Shipping costs are not included in this offer and must be covered by the purchaser. Offer ends 20 December 2024