Service Level Comparison

At Emesent we understand the importance of maintaining your equipment to ensure optimal performance and longevity. To cater to your specific needs, we offer two comprehensive service levels: Minor Service and Major Service.

Choosing the Right Service Level:

If your equipment is relatively new, experiences regular use, and requires routine maintenance, a Minor Service is recommended. It ensures that your equipment remains in good condition and performs reliably.

For older equipment, equipment that experiences heavy use or vibration, or if you require a thorough assessment and maintenance to restore optimal performance, the Major Service is ideal. It includes advanced diagnostics and comprehensive repairs to address any underlying issues.

Minor Service:

  • Thorough cleaning and inspection of your equipment
  • Calibration to ensure precise functionality.
  • Routine maintenance and replacement of common wear parts
  • Firmware updates to enhance performance and compatibility.
  • Hardware Improvement Updates
  • Estimated turnaround time: 2 weeks from signed quote.

Major Service:

All features of the Minor Service, plus:

  • Replacement of worn or malfunctioning parts
  • Hardware Improvement Updates
  • Estimated turnaround time: 2-3 weeks from signed quote.

Lidar Replacement:

  • An optional addition to a Minor or Major Service
  • Replaces the Lidar Puck
  • Recommended for units with extensive utilization
  • Estimated turnaround comparable service duration regardless of Minor or Major Service.
Pricing, Turnaround, and Shipping Times
Hovermap Minor Service & Recalibration
Includes cleaning, minor repairs and parts, latest updates to all sub systems. *Subject to change upon assessment by EMESENT Technical Team. Adjustments will be requoted prior to work beginning.
$3,000 USD
2 weeks
Shipping times
~ 1 Week Please note that shipping duration may vary depending on contributing factors beyond our control.
Major Service & Recalibration
Hovermap Full Service. Includes recalibration and MAJOR parts replacement (Does NOT include new LiDAR). Recommended every 18-24 months
$5,000 USD
2-3 Weeks
Shipping Times
Service Level Inclusions
Thorough cleaning and inspection of your equipment
Routine maintenance and replacement of common wear parts
Clean Point Cloud Cleaning Tools
Clean your point cloud at the touch of a button with SOR (Statistical Outlier Removal) and DBD (Decimate by Distance) filters.
GPS Auto-Geolocation
Automatically align scans automatically to GPS coordinates when Hovermap is mounted to a compatible drone.
3D Tools for Improved Analysis
A range of 3D tools allows you to easily manipulate point clouds, reducing the risk or error and improving analysis.
Save time by queueing multiple jobs to process automatically in the background.
Automated Ground Control Point (GCPs)*
Automated georeferencing and survey grade accuracy enhancement.
Enhance visualization and analysis by adding true colour to Hovermap point clouds.
Point Cloud Merging
Combine multiple point clouds to produce a single seamless scan.
Personalised Processing Profiles
Create customized profiles or reuse existing profiles to process scans with minimal configuration.