Hovermap – Zoe is the powerful combination of Hovermap’s autonomy and mapping capability with the robust European-made drone platform, Acecore Zoe. Through seamless integration, Hovermap enables the Zoe drone to fly beyond line of sight and communication range — even in challenging GPS-denied environments.

With Hovermap’s Collision Avoidance, users can stably and safely maneuver up close to, inside, or underneath assets to map them and capture detailed images.

Equally capable above ground or underground, indoors or out, the Hovermap – Zoe combination is the ideal tool for the mapping and inspection of complex structures, including sensitive government assets, bridges, communications towers, buildings, and many more.

Why Choose Hovermap – Zoe

Scan the inaccessible

Hovermap’s autonomy enables flight and mapping in challenging situations, including beyond visual line of sight, inaccessible, or GPS-denied environments. Venture into previously inaccessible areas to access new, valuable insights.

A comprehensive inspection tool

Map complex assets, such as telecommunication towers, bridges, or building facades, safely and thoroughly by adding a top mount camera (optional). Hovermap’s adjustable collision avoidance sphere ensures a safe stand-off distance is maintained from the asset at all times.

Detailed Insights

Capture shadowless, high resolution data for accurate measurements, volumetrics, or other analyses in a fraction of the time it takes with traditional methods. Create complete digital twins using multiple merged scans.

End to End Solution

From data capture to a final CAD or BIM model, the Hovermap workflow is easy to implement. The data captured is rapidly processed via the Emesent processing software and can then be imported into any mainstream CAD package as .las or .laz files for manipulation or analysis.

Lightweight and Robust

Hovermap is lightweight and yet robust enough to withstand the demands of environments such as underground mines. Made from a machined aircraft-grade aluminum frame combined with carbon fiber composite paneling, the Hovermap payload is light yet strong enough to support its rotating LiDAR while remaining stable in flight. Switching between Zoe to walking scans can be done with the click of a button using Hovermap’s quick-release mechanism.

Fully Integrated Platform

Hovermap’s Autonomy is compatible with ArduPilot flight controllers such as the Cube hardware used by Zoe. This tight integration between Hovermap and Zoe’s flight controller provides a robust and reliable autonomy solution. Zoe is available with a choice of either Cube Orange or the Cube Blue (made in America) flight controllers.

Safer Bridge Inspections

Hovermap-Zoe allows safe, comprehensive visual inspection and mapping of every part of a bridge. Hovermap’s autonomy, GPS-denied flight, and adjustable collision avoidance enable safe access from the tallest tower to under the deck. Zoe’s ability to carry both Hovermap and a gimballed, full-frame, top-mount camera enables the capture of high resolution inspection images anywhere. Preview the scan data captured in real-time, and leave the site confident you’ve captured everything you need.

Autonomy Levels
Hovermap’s proprietary autonomy software gives you the versatility to best capture the environment you need and the confidence to leave the site knowing you’ve captured everything you need. In all modes, Hovermap streams a live point cloud to the Hovermap app, providing a real-time preview of the data as it is captured when in communication range.

Mapping Mode

Mapping Mode offers fast, accurate, and high resolution mobile scanning of environments where drone autonomy is unnecessary. Hovermap’s quick-release mechanism allows you to easily switch from Zoe to handheld scanning or a backpack-, vehicle-, or protective shaft scanning cage-mounted for SLAM-based mobile mapping.

This mode is available in the Mapping Subscription

Pilot Assist Mode

Pilot Assist Mode provides omnidirectional Collision Avoidance, line of sight GPS-denied flight capability, and stability control, providing the confidence and stability for close, thorough inspections. It acts as a safety bubble for your drone, keeping the asset and your equipment safe.

This mode is available in the Plus Subscription.

Autonomous Waypoint Mode

Autonomous Waypoint Mode provides beyond line of sight flight through Smart Waypoints and Guided Exploration. Simply tap on the map to set smart waypoints, and Hovermap-Zoe takes care of the rest, navigating to the waypoints, mapping the area, and keeping itself and the drone safe from obstacles.

This mode is available in the Autonomy Subscription.


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