Use Cases
Case Studies
Pinpointing a Blockage in an Inaccessible Hydro Station Tunnel

When a station in Hyltebruk in southwest Sweden was alerted to a surface level sinkhole above a water tunnel, they needed to locate and investigate the rockfall and probable deterioration of the tunnel’s concrete lining.

Case Studies
Osprey Integrity Speeds up Natural Disaster Recovery with Fast, Accurate Data Capture

After a natural disaster, repairing critical infrastructure can take years, making it difficult to return to life as usual.

Case Studies
Simplifying Detailed Data Capture to Create a Digital Twin of a Complex Onshore Compressor Station

Digitally capturing 3D point cloud data for oil and gas assets presents unique challenges and opportunities.

Case Studies
Maintaining Safe Operations at Northparkes Block Cave Mine

CMOC’s Northparkes mine is Australia’s first block cave mine and one of Australia’s largest copper producers, providing 26,997 tonnes of copper in 2020.

Emesent’s High-Quality Mapping And Drone Autonomy Technology Enables The Rapid Creation Of 3D Digital Twins

This report, produced by Verdantix, delves into the features that enable Hovermap to assist in the rapid creation of digital twins

Case Studies
GeoZICHT Achieves Entire Traffic Bridge Inspection

GeoZICHT sought a tool to enhance the collection of complete visual inspection data for bridge inspections while also increasing the overall safety of the underlying process.

Case Studies
Glencore’s Mount Isa Mines Improves Safety and Productivity in Underground Survey

The Emesent Hovermap helps Mount Isa Mines maintain safety and mining efficiency through rapid scanning of underground areas.

Case Studies
Brierley Associates Speeds up road tunnel inspection

Brierley Associates sought a solution to tunnel inspection that would reduce the disruption to traffic while keeping the inspection team safe.

Case Studies
UDM Group Improves Efficiency and Safety for Topographic Surveys

Hovermap helps UDM Group reduce time-on-site for a bridge survey and flood study.

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