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Brierley Associates Speeds up road tunnel inspection

Brierley Associates sought a solution to tunnel inspection that would reduce the disruption to traffic while keeping the inspection team safe.

Instead of using the typical tunnel inspection method of having a field inspector walking the length taking notes and photographs, and requiring the road’s closure for at least six hours, Brierley Associates inspected a two-lane, 125.2 m (410.8 ft) with Hovermap in a one-hour inspection.

As well as reducing inspection time, the Hovermap scan provides Brierley Associates with a high-resolution, LiDAR point cloud. The detailed point cloud of the tunnel will make it easy for Brierley personnel to identify potential issues and areas where failures may occur to recommend early intervention.

Using Hovermap for tunnel inspection has allowed Brierley Associates to:

  • cut tunnel inspection time by 85%,
  • improved their ability to detect structural changes, and
  • minimalized traffic disruption.

See how in this case study.