Autonomous SLAM-based LiDAR mapping

Building on a decade of pioneering research at the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), Emesent offers state-of-the-art autonomous SLAM-based LiDAR mapping and data analytics solutions specifically designed for challenging and GPS-denied environments.

Providing fast, accurate and long-range scanning, Emesent Hovermap helps businesses map the unknown, minimizing operational downtime while improving worker safety.

Emesent excels at mapping the inaccessible

Emesent is an expert in autonomous LiDAR mapping. We help companies visualize and understand their environments by mapping the inaccessible. Explore some of our latest resources below.


What I learned from scanning Alcatraz – Part 1

In Part 1 of our two-part series, Dr. Jeremy Sofonia discusses key tips and tricks when undertaking a large mapping project - starting with the planning.
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Case Studies

Improving Convergence Monitoring Using LiDAR Data at the Argyle Diamond Mine

Rio Tinto engaged MineLiDAR to trial Hovermap for convergence monitoring at its Argyle Diamond Mine, in Western Australia. The trial showed LiDAR accuracy is sufficient for displacement monitoring and provides superior areal coverage of target areas.
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An Indian tunnel collapse case study

Find out how Emesent Hovermap was used in conjunction with drone-based GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar) technology at the Silkyara tunnel collapse in India to rescue 42 people.
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Taman Menteng Park

Explore this incredibly detailed scan of Taman Menteng park, which was captured by our Emesent partner, Osealand Survei Indonesia.
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Emesent’s leading solution for mobile mapping

At the heart of our offering is the award-winning Hovermap system, a highly versatile scanner supporting a range of deployment options. Hovermap is suited to a variety of different industry surveying scenarios. Our key strengths are delivered via point cloud quality, autonomous capabilities and the overall versatility of our mobile mapping platform.

LiDAR mapping


Detailed mapping insights for hazardous and hard-to-reach environments.


Advanced autonomous mapping for complex mining, engineering, and public safety operations.

Autonomous LiDAR mapping
LiDAR mapping accessories


Plug-and-play accessories and capability enhancing add-ons – for diverse mapping missions.

Emesent enables action from spatial insights

The value of Emesent’s powerful hardware and software solution has been in delivering actionable spatial insights for businesses operating in hazardous and inaccessible environments. Here are some of our clients’ compelling stories.

Case Study

Glencore Kidd Operations Stope Mapping

How Emesent Hovermap technology is helping Glencore improve its understanding of stope conditions at the Kidd Operations mine site.
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“Kidd Operations is an enthusiastic adopter of new technologies like Hovermap, that improve safety and mining efficiency.”

Matt Mackinnon, CEO, Unmanned Aerial Services
Case Study

Osprey Integrity Speeds up Natural Disaster Recovery with Fast, Accurate Data Capture

After a natural disaster, repairing critical infrastructure can take years, making it difficult to return to life as usual.
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“With Hovermap, we were able to capture the structure from all sides. This even included getting Hovermap close to the river to capture the underside of the bridge, ensuring the downed girders were included in the data.”

Courtland Penk, Osprey Integrity President
Case Study

Barrick Bulyanhulu and Kibali: Stope Scanning

Shadowing in CMS scans was a perennial challenge at Barrick’s Bulyanhulu and Kibali sites. Surveyors were unable to obtain accurate and complete production data using the traditional pole-mounted CMS scanning method, particularly in larger, more inaccessible stopes. Missing data affected the calculation of mine material volumes for end-of-month reconciliation.
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“Shadowing is obviously a big part of what we were trying to eliminate. With the CMS, you’ve just got one position and if you’ve got an edge, it doesn’t scan at the bottom, past that edge. By contrast, the Hovermap is going down and picking up all the small places the CMS didn’t.”

George Fouche, Barrick Chief Mine Surveyor, Kibali
Case Study

How Emesent Hovermap technology helped Petra Diamonds save millions

Petra Diamonds save millions in remediation costs at its Finsch Mine.
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“We lowered Hovermap down ore passes, flew the drone into drawpoints and even scanned our shaft and ramps by fixing the scanner to one of our vehicles. The visualization delivered exceeded all our expectations. The data captured in one ore pass saved us significant time and effort by confirming it was irreparable. That saved us millions.”

Alex Holder, Group planning and projects lead, Petra Diamonds

Business Benefits from Autonomous Mapping

The fast and accurate capture, processing, and visualization of data captured through autonomous mapping allows businesses to maximize their productivity while improving workplace safety. Find out how Emesent Hovermap is being used across a diverse range of industry applications.


Maximize productivity and safety

Engineering & Construction

Reduce risk and cost in AEC


Quick and easy reality capture

Public Safety

Enhance decision support

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