Hovermap’s advanced algorithms combine autonomy, SLAM and LiDAR technologies to deliver smart navigation and survey grade results. Featuring capabilities such as Omnidirectional Collision Avoidance, position hold, and intelligent Return-to-Home, Hovermap keeps equipment and personnel safe, even in GPS-denied, hazardous, and dark environments.


Hovermap offers versatile levels of autonomy to suit the requirements of your mapping environment. Starting with a ‘mapping only’ solution, Hovermap is able to adapt as needed, allowing easy, remote upgrading to expand your capabilities. Regardless of level, Hovermap streams a live point cloud to your Hovermap app, providing a real-time preview of captured data (while in communication range).

The Autonomy Solution

The Hovermap Autonomy Solution enables deployment beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) and communications range and provides advanced BVLOS waypoint-based mission planning and enhanced Return-to-Home functionality. Hovermap pilots can fly an entire mission, from takeoff to landing, using a tablet. Data is processed onboard in real-time, and a 3D map streamed back to the operator. The Autonomy Solution is suited for data capture of complex assets in challenging, GPS-denied environments in infrastructure, construction, engineering, energy, and underground mining.

Autonomous LiDAR mapping
Pilot assist LiDAR scanning

The Plus Solution

The Hovermap Plus Solution provides omnidirectional Collision Avoidance and GPS-denied flight capability, acting as a safety bubble for your drone. It comes into its own in challenging environments and is suited for line of sight, pilot-assisted drone operation, for as-built creation, asset inspection, condition monitoring, small area land surveys, and more.

Mapping-only Solution

The Hovermap Mapping Only Solution delivers fast, accurate, and high quality mobile scanning of environments where drone autonomy is not required. Hovermap can be used as a mobile scanner, attached to a drone or vehicle, lowered in a cage, or mounted to a backpack and provides real-time visualization of the point cloud as it is captured.

LiDAR mapping and surveying


Wondering how Hovermap can streamline your mapping workflows?

Level up your autonomy capabilities

Autonomy Solution

Advanced Failsafes

Advanced failsafes and behaviors deal with challenging conditions such as dust, thin wires, and communication loss. Smart Return-to-Home finds the quickest way for the drone to return home.

Tap-to-fly operation

Fly an entire mission, from take-off to landing without leaving your safe position. The drone self-navigates to pre-set waypoints and provides a livestreamed 3D map for you to monitor its progress.


Including omnidirectional collision avoidance and GPS-denied flight capability.

Plus Solution

Omnidirectional collision avoidance

Keep your equipment and the asset safe with a virtual safety shield around the drone. Avoid the smallest of obstacles with Hovermap LiDAR data processed in real time.

GPS-Denied Flight

Hovermap provides position hold and velocity control even in GPS-denied environments, making it safe and easy to fly.


Including fast, accurate, and high quality mobile scanning of environments.

Mapping-only Solution

Efficiency and versatility

Scan buildings, infrastructure, and inaccessible areas quickly and easily to produce as-builts, and condition monitoring, inspection, and space management reports.

Integrated workflows

Merge Hovermap’s accurate, dense point clouds automatically and process into your required file type for the products you need using industry standard tools.

Greater insights

Capture shadowless, accurate, and dense point clouds
of an entire asset and drop them straight into CAD, GIS,
or mine planning systems. Use colorization to enhance


In addition to improving accuracy for common mapping tasks, Hovermap with GCP can be used to create accurate scans for long, linear assets and large or feature-poor environments.
Hovermap Autonomy in Action

Barrick Bulyanhulu and Kibali: Stope Scanning

Shadowing in CMS scans was a perennial challenge at Barrick’s Bulyanhulu and Kibali sites. Surveyors were unable to obtain accurate and complete production data using the traditional pole-mounted CMS scanning method, particularly in larger, more inaccessible stopes. Missing data affected the calculation of mine material volumes for end-of-month reconciliation.

Webinar: Mapping a Sinkhole and Hazardous Coastal Areas Safely

When a  dangerous sinkhole the size of half a tennis court suddenly appeared at a popular tourist location on the Robe coastline, the council looked to a leading provider of spatial data services, Veris, to safely capture the data needed for accurate decision-making.

Pinpointing a Blockage in an Inaccessible Hydro Station Tunnel

When a station in Hyltebruk in southwest Sweden was alerted to a surface level sinkhole above a water tunnel, they needed to locate and investigate the rockfall and probable deterioration of the tunnel’s concrete lining.

Leading Hovermap Applications


Maximize productivity and safety

Engineering & Construction

Reduce risk and costs in AEC projects


Quick and easy reality capture
Versatile Hardware
Scan locations without GPS by walking, driving or flying with the same hardware.
No GPS Required
Map any environment quickly and safely with Hovermap’s SLAM localization.
IP65 Rating
IP65 rated unit is protected against dust and low-pressure jets of water from all directions, making it ideal for use in harsh environments.
Obstacle Proximity Map*
Use the proximity map to avoid obstacles and navigate the drone safely from a distance.
Accessory Port
An accessory port and mount points expand Hovermap ST’s capability with accessories such as a long-range radio.
Drone Mountable*
Attach the Hovermap payload to a compatible drone to use it as an all-in-one 3D mapping device.
Smart Battery Return-to-Home
Maximize flight time and return the drone to base safely using Hovermap’s battery monitoring and shortest route home features.
Magnetic Interference Tolerance
Maintain flight stability in areas of magnetic interference.
Barometric Pressure Tolerance
Fly safely in tight spaces where air pressure fluctuates using the Hovermap SLAM altitude control feature.
GPS Denied Flight*
Allows drones to fly autonomously in GPS-denied environments, enabling a host of new applications such as flying and mapping in underground mines, inside warehouses or inspecting underneath bridges.
Omnidirectional Collision Avoidance
Create a virtual safety shield around the drone and avoid the smallest of obstacles.
Real-Time Point Cloud Streaming
View the 3D point cloud of your mapped environment in real time.
Smart Waypoints
Let the drone self-navigate to pre-set waypoints and monitor its progress via a live-streamed 3D map.
Beyond Line-Of Sight Flight (BLOS)
Capture complex assets with a BVLOS Hovermap flight in GPS-denied environments.
Guided Exploration and Intelligent Path Planning
Hovermap’s autonomous path planning algorithms guide the drone through its flight mission.
Tap-To-Fly Operation
Fly an entire mission, from take-off to landing, with Hovermap’s easy to use interface.
Communication Loss Return-To-Home
Minimize the risk from communications loss between the drone and Hovermap.
Live Stream Onboard Drone Camera*
View a live stream of the mission with an integrated drone camera and Emesent software.
Operate Beyond Communication Range
Hovermap finds a safe route to a waypoint (continue beyond Wifi and radio communication ranges) before returning to home.
Extend your connectivity range up to 20 times*
Long range radio enables users to live stream Hovermap point cloud data and control Hovermap from up to 20 times further.
Observer Mode*
View the mission and point cloud in real-time from a second Android device.
*Requires additional hardware to enable features