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Learn how to use the award-winning Hovermap LiDAR scanner

We’re keen to show how Emesent Hovermap and companion software can help you and your teams make better decisions based on visualized LiDAR data.

By booking a demo, you will learn about any – or all – of the following:
  • How quick it is to capture detailed 3D data using Emesent Hovermap, compared to other technologies and workflows.
  • How Hovermap’s advanced capabilities for autonomously mapping inaccessible and challenging environments can improve your team’s safety in the field.
  • How easy it is to process and visualize captured point clouds via Emesent’s Aura software.
  • The way Emesent’s Commander app streamlines mission planning and execution.
  • The range of Emesent-designed and manufactured accessories that make Hovermap such a versatile digital mapping platform.
  • And more (just ask!)
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