Case Studies

Hovermap helps XM2 PURSUIT bring blockbusters to the silver screen

XM2 PURSUIT Special Effects

XM2 PURSUIT are experts in aerial cinematography for the film and television and commercial industries. For VFX work, they capture data to develop highly accurate 3D models of large sets, environments and locations.

Time is money in the film industry, and having to halt filming to capture a set can increase the cost of production by tens of thousands of dollars.

Using Hovermap enables XM2 PURSUIT to collect shadowless high resolution LiDAR data between takes on live sets, and quickly and safely on location. The scanner has been used by the XM2 PURSUIT LiDAR team on 40 projects in 10 countries, including Australian-filmed blockbusters Pacific Rim and Thor Ragnarok.

This footage of downtown Brisbane was shot for the movie Pacific Rim Uprising, using an early version of Hovermap, in 2017. The point clouds were used to build true-to-life models of the buildings that the VFX creators then incorporated into monster fight scenes.