Building a more accurate BIM with Hovermap

Duration: 45 minutes

Hovermap customers talk about how they are able to reduce their time on site and capture high quality colorized point clouds for AEC bid jobs, facility management, floor plans, and other A&E projects. Our speakers share data capture methods, processing workflows, and example applications.

Learn How:
  • Qntfi customers are realizing a lower total cost of ownership with Hovermap.
  • Harkin Aerial has improved its site scheduling with reduced scanning time on site.
  • Harkin is quickly capturing take-off measurements for HVAC.
  • Synergy Software Design is providing BIM models within a few days – even for hundreds of thousands of square feet.
  • Synergy are capturing more data, like sprinkler heads, outlets, and more, in a single pass.
  • Synergy has eliminated the need for recreating drawings.