Webinar: Better Coverage and Efficiency for Industrial Plants and Infrastructure Data Capture

In this webinar, Dron-e, unmanned aerial system experts, will share how they have increased the efficiency of their data capture while also ensuring better coverage. Technical manager, Andrea, will discuss the capture of a complete power generation plant and the digital reconstruction of a bridge.

Watch this recorded webinar to hear how Dron-e:
  • are benefiting from a mobile scanner over a TLS
  • are using the versatility to capture complete coverage of complex assets
  • are using ground control points to bring higher accuracy to their mobile scans
  • are benefiting from the higher efficiencies


Andrea Mirante
Technical Manager

Andrea is Dron-e’s Technical Manager. With more than seven years of experience in inspection and surveys, he has an extensive knowledge of both LiDAR and photogrammetric workflows applied to civil infrastructure, power transmission/generation, and Oil&Gas facilities. Believing that technological innovation will always benefit both surveyors and end-users, he is always searching for new ways to solve old problems.

Dron-e is a system integrator who offers its customers the technical skills, knowledge, and expertise in the field needed to navigate the world of Unmanned Aerial Systems.