Emesent launches Hovermap Core for AEC clients and survey projects

The high-precision LiDAR mapping solution delivers uncompromising data capture quality, while offering software and support services better aligned to the real needs of construction and engineering teams.

Emesent, a global leader in autonomous mapping of challenging environments, has released Hovermap Core, incorporating hardware, software and services specifically designed for the fixed-term requirements and survey-grade mapping standards of asset and environment inspection, surveying and monitoring projects.

Hovermap Core ensures Emesent’s renowned SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) based LiDAR scanning capabilities are available straight out of the box, while allowing teams to add capabilities and support as their needs change and grow over time. These are likely to include autonomous mapping via drone or robot (and related capabilities), point cloud colorization, automated Ground Control Points, and support for RTK GPS.

The Hovermap Core offering combines the high-performance capabilities of Emesent’s award-winning Hovermap ST or ST-X systems with Emesent’s Aura data processing and visualization software, a mission planning and control app, and the potential to expand functionality as required.

Hovermap, Emesent’s flagship product, has already revolutionized mapping and data capture in over 36 countries, excelling in challenging, GPS-denied environments. With Hovermap Core, Emesent aims to make this groundbreaking technology accessible to a wider group of users and a more diverse range of industry scenarios.


“While existing clients value the world-class data capture capabilities of Hovermap, we recognize that not every project demands its advanced features or a long-term commitment,” says Emesent CEO and co-founder Dr Stefan Hrabar. “Hovermap Core fills this gap, offering essential mapping capabilities that deliver detailed point clouds efficiently. Users can also easily scale up to advanced features as needed, tailoring their solution to their specific project requirements.”

Key features of Hovermap Core include:

  • A choice of award-winning Hovermap ST or ST-X hardware units
  • Aura software for data processing and visualization
  • Commander app for real-time mission control and planning during scanning operations.

Hovermap Core clients receive Emesent’s standard product warranty, plus access to software and firmware updates and support during the initial 12-month package. At the end of this period, users have the flexibility to renew their support and maintenance plan, enabling ongoing updates of their Hovermap unit and associated software licenses.

Hovermap Core also offers the option to upgrade to more advanced packages, such as Mapping, Plus, or Autonomy, allowing teams to adapt their solution to evolving project requirements.

To learn more about Hovermap Core and its features, visit www.emesent.com/hovermap-series.


About Emesent: Emesent is a global leader in autonomous mapping technology, providing an innovative 3D data capture, processing and visualization solution for industries such as mining, public safety, oil and gas, construction, and engineering. Flag-ship product Hovermap enables organizations to capture 3D LiDAR data quickly, efficiently, and safely in challenging and time-sensitive environments. Emesent’s products are used by clients worldwide to enhance productivity and decision-making. Established in 2018, Emesent was founded by Dr Stefan Hrabar and Dr Farid Kendoul, following a decade of robotics research at Australia’s CSIRO.

Client case studies are available on the Emesent website.


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