The Emesent Team

Emesent is a world leader in drone autonomy, LiDAR mapping, and data analytics.

Founded in 2018, after a decade of cutting-edge research at the Robotics and Autonomous Systems arm of the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), Emesent has built a reputation for delivering high quality data capture, working side-by-side with customers to provide revolutionary efficiency, safety, and operational insights.

Our expertise spans Robotics, Autonomy, AI, Machine Learning, and Data Analytics, with research and development exploring new possibilities and developing innovative technologies as we advance the autonomous digitisation of the physical world.

Emesent cofounders, Dr Farid Kendoul and Dr Stefan Farid with a Hovermap mounted to a Spot

Our flagship product, Hovermap, is a smart mobile scanning unit that combines Advanced Collision avoidance and Autonomous flight technologies to map hazardous and GPS-denied environments. Hovermap is uniquely versatile; it can be used in handheld, drone-or vehicle-mounted mode to map challenging, inaccessible areas. With a wide range of applications, Hovermap is being used by customers around the world – currently across the mining, engineering and geospatial industries.

The Emesent Team reflects a diverse range of skillsets and experiences which has grown rapidly since its inception.

Leadership Team

Charles Miller



Dr Stefan Hrabar

Chief Strategy Officer & Co-Founder


Dr Farid Kendoul

CTO & Co-Founder


Ewen Cameron

Chief Commercial Officer


Peter Sun

Director - Strategic Channel Sales in Corporate Development


Lenore Gerschwitz

Head of Operations


Duncan Palmer

Director of Hardware/Robotics in Engineering


Devang Patel

Director of Production


Christian Skinner

Head of Product Management


Scott McInnes

Director of Client Experience


Stuart Hill

Global Head of Marketing


Marc Brooks

Director of Finance in Corporate Services


Shubhi Sharma

Manager - People Operations in Corporate Services


Our future leaders

At Emesent, we’re creating autonomous systems that advance human capabilities to explore further and understand more. We are pushing the boundaries in technology to bring innovative solutions in challenging environments. If you’d like to be part of this mission, we’d like to hear from you. Learn more about a career at Emesent.