Add a new level of reality capture to your 3D point clouds

Full color 360-degree imagery and point cloud data

Add a new level of reality capture to your Emesent Hovermap point clouds with 360-degree colorization, providing deeper insights across a variety of applications. Easily merge and colorize data captured on multiple platforms, even on larger projects.

Accelerated multi-platform capture

Emesent’s 360-degree colorization feature now makes it even easier to add additional insights to your Hovermap scans – no matter how you capture the data. Whether by drone, vehicle, backpack or handheld you can now augment Hovermap’s 3D point clouds with true 360-degree color – providing additional context for visualization and analysis.

A Versatile and Modular Approach

Simply attach the latest 360-degree rugged action camera (the GoPro Hero Max 360) to Hovermap with our custom quick-release mount. This modular approach extends the versatility of Hovermap, giving you the flexibility to  capture colorized scans as needed.

Combining camera and LiDAR data from a moving scanner is no easy task. Our team has developed a powerful software algorithm to achieve precise calibration and synchronization between the camera and LiDAR sensor, keeping it simple and easy to use while producing incredible results.

Press Record and Start Scanning

Simply hit record and start gathering colorized point clouds!

Fit a camera-equipped Hovermap to a drone for those impossible to reach areas, attach it to a vehicle for urban or road mapping, easily mount it on a backpack for a walking scan or simply use it handheld. 

Use our advanced SLAM and flight autonomy on supported drones to push your colorization flights even further in GPS-denied environments.

Easy Processing


Scanning and data processing remains as easy as always. Hovermap and the camera are started with the push of a button, and after capture, the LiDAR and video data are processed via a simple workflow. For advanced users, a vast range of parameters are also made available to further adjust processing and output options.

Integrate With Your Existing Workflows

Colorized point clouds, along with image frames and image pose data, can be imported into your favorite third-party software. As always, our rich point cloud data also includes per-point attributes such as range, intensity, return number, and time – making filtering a breeze.

See it in color

No matter what environment you are scanning, Emesent’s Colorization for Hovermap allows you to seamlessly capture colorized point clouds with the click of a button.

Building Scan

Rock Face

Underground Mine

Interior Scan

Watch colorization for Hovermap™ in action