Memorial Hall (Harvard University)

Download this detailed true-to-life colorized scan of the Memorial Hall (Harvard University) in Massachusetts, USA, which took under 10 minutes to scan.

Taman Menteng Park

Explore this incredibly detailed scan of Taman Menteng park, which was captured by our Emesent partner, Osealand Survei Indonesia.

Hovermap Colorization

Download this scan of a suburban Australian environment captured using Hovermap, then rendered in Emesent’s visualization and processing software, Aura.

Historic church in Massachusetts

Explore this historic church in Massachusetts, captured by Emesent Hovermap in a quick handheld scan. See how the light and shadows are displayed on the wall of the church in this dataset.

Jacaranda Tree

This captivating purple Jacaranda tree scan showcases the incredible quality of Emesent Hovermap’s capabilities. The scan uses Emesent Aura’s photorealism features.

HINO Fire Truck

It only took 2 minutes to capture this HINO firetruck at the AFAC23 Conference & Exhibition via a handheld Hovermap ST-X scan. Download the dataset to see for yourself.