Transforming workflows and processes in Oil and Gas

Enhance planning, co-ordination and execution with Emesent Hovermap

From capital projects to maintenance to turnarounds, Emesent Hovermap delivers fast, accurate and versatile 3D reality capture that transforms digital workflows and enhances project and inspection outcomes. By simplifying the detailed data capture of dispersed and complex assets, Hovermap enhances visibility, improves decision making and reduces risk. Extremely versatile, the single device can be deployed in multiple ways to deliver a rapid and comprehensive digital representation of an asset, facility or project that can easily be exported into 3D modelling tools to deliver new insights.

Use Hovermap in Oil and Gas To

Improve planning

Fast, detailed and accurate 3D data capture for virtual planning, staging and analysis

Mitigate risk

Accurately model scenarios and plan contingencies prior to execution

Enhance communication and co-ordination

Easily visualize and share plans across multi-disciplinary teams

Enhance safety

Create simulations and visualize potential hazards to educate stakeholders and manage risk

Facilitate more effective maintenance strategies

Use reality capture to build an up-to-date 3D model of the facility for ongoing maintenance and improvement

Accelerate insight

Rapid, comprehensive data capture that seamlessly integrates into 3D modelling tools to uncover new insights

Oil & Gas Applications

Hovermap delivers fast, accurate 3D insights that reduces risk to people, productivity and the environment.


Reach places not easily or safely accessible by humans to inspect for mechanical damage and geohazards

As-Built Models

Optimize and monitor site planning and equipment turnarounds

Asset Management

Digitize assets for asset inspection, integrity and monitoring

Fixed Equipment Management

Digitize fixed equipment to evaluate condition and monitor changes over time

Emergency Response

Gain rapid visibility that supports and accelerates decision-making whilst reducing risk to personnel


Visualize and monitor environmental changes to determine what areas need to be protected, monitored and preserved


Visualize sites preconstruction and monitor construction activities throughout the construction lifecycle

Production and Drilling Maintenance

Identify opportunities to improve working procedures and operational maintenance efficiency


Address the growing number of decommissioning opportunities by efficiently surveying the area around the subsea wells for hazards


Ensure compliance by tracking and reporting with auditable quality data for transparent reporting

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Why our customers choose Hovermap

“The results that have been obtained with this drone technology actually exceeded our previous expectations. These types of drone operations will really support preventative maintenance operations, helping us locate specific defects, provide the correct type of maintenance and ultimately achieve significant increases in speed and accuracy.”

– Almuayat Librata, Oil and Gas
Transportation Manager, Pertamina EP

“The Hovermap unit allowed us to capture data with a depth of detail that we couldn’t achieve before, and to do so in hours, rather than days. Terrestrial measuring tools would have provided some footprints but being able to fly above and below the equipment gave us a thorough representation.”

– DREW TALLEY, Aerial Production Services
Field Operations Manager | Oil and Gas Team

Why Hovermap for Oil and Gas?

Hovermap (ST-X) autonomous LiDAR mapping


The plug and play design and quick-release mechanism allow easy switching between modes, making Hovermap ideal for capturing every detail of complex assets. Deploy Hovermap as a handheld scanner; attached to a drone, vehicle, or pole; lowered in a cage; or mounted to a backpack. The compact, lightweight design makes it easy to carry and provides longer flight time.


When rough estimates or manual measurements aren’t enough, Hovermap delivers with unmatched accuracy to address over 90% of all engineering requirements.


World-leading SLAM (simultaneous localization and mapping) techniques, with Emesent’s advanced algorithms, extend Hovermap’s capabilities to provide autonomous data capture using a drone or other robotic platform, enabling users to maintain safe distances, situational awareness and accurate mapping even when GPS is not available.


Hovermap’s automated data capture, streamlined workflows and plug and play design allow users to start scanning at the touch of a button.


Hovermap can operate in complete darkness, devoid of any ambient light without impacting the quality of the scan.


Colorize, animate, overlay information or add annotations to present a comprehensive visual picture to teams on the ground and remote stakeholders. Gain exact measurements to aid assessment, such as distances and widths, as well as volumetrics.


Hovermap’s filters enable data to be analyzed in multiple ways including by time, intensity and height to uncover additional insights. Areas with different reflectivity can be highlighted, such as areas of contamination from an oil or chemical spill, that otherwise may not be clearly visible.