Emesent Hovermap’s own processing & visualization software: Aura

Emesent Aura allows the processing and visualization of scans in one intuitive platform, streamlining the way Hovermap users process, view, and analyze point clouds for faster insights and improved decision-making.

The latest version includes a redesigned processing interface, automated noise filtering, heightened realism with true-to-life colorization, and improvements in GCP target detection.

Aura also supports RTK (Real-time Kinematics), automating high-accuracy georeferencing and drift-correction for Hovermap scans on DJI’s M300 drone. This enables the delivery of fast, accurate and precise above ground drone scans on demand, without the need to lay out and georeference ground control points. Aura intelligently leverages both RTK and SLAM to optimize results.

Aura software comes bundled with all Hovermaps.

Easy Data Processing and Visualization


SLAM-based mapping is known for its speed, ease of use, and ability to capture shadowless, dense point clouds. As use cases grow and point cloud sizes increase, efficiently processing, viewing, and analyzing the data becomes challenging.

Emesent Aura solves this by providing an end-to-end workflow optimized for Hovermap users.

LiDAR processing software

What’s New & Improved

RTK support

During processing, Aura automatically evaluates the GPS signal quality and will intelligently choose the optimal combination of RTK and SLAM (either RTK and SLAM, or SLAM if RTK is not of high enough quality), toggling between the two, to provide the user with the most reliable and robust point cloud.

Realistic point cloud colourisation

Real-world Colorization

View scanned features with true-to-life realism and ensure easier interpretation of objects with enhanced point cloud colorization.

Automated Noise Filtering

Aura’s set-and-forget processing visibly improves the output quality of high-density point clouds with automated filtering of noise and stray points.

Automated point cloud cleaning
Point cloud processing and analysis software


Aura’s simple navigation and intuitive workflows make it easy for users of all levels to process, visualize, analyze and export their data. Effortlessly combine point clouds, join scans and save files in different formats.


Processing powered by the world’s leading SLAM algorithm converts your data into highly detailed, accurate point clouds, with features to improve point cloud accuracy.

Point cloud accuracy
Point cloud file formats

Save and export your point clouds in stages

Flexibly manage your point clouds in the way that suits you with the capability to save your work as you go, create separate copies for export, easily change file formats or join multiple point clouds into one file.

Color Scale Filtering

Uncover hidden details and improve visualization and analysis by applying pre-set filters based on specific attributes, including elevation, position, intensity, time and range.

Point cloud colour scales

Watch the Aura overview


Don’t waste time switching between applications to process and view your data. Aura consolidates it all in one platform, with the ability to export to widely-used industry file formats and CAD packages.

Powerful processing

Emesent Aura makes your workflow seamless and hassle free no matter how large or numerous your datasets, dense your point clouds, or complex your 3D structures. Job queueing allows for set and forget processing of files, and customized profiles provides scan processing with minimal configuration.

Rapid, accurate results

Clean your point cloud automatically or at the touch of a button with SOR (Statistical Outlier Removal) and DBD (Decimate by Distance) filters. Georeference your point cloud with confidence, thanks to Automated Ground Control alignment (optional) and accuracy reports. Easily export high resolution screenshots for faster stakeholder buy-in.


Process, view, clean, and edit Hovermap point clouds in a single streamlined application. Take measurements and easily manipulate the point clouds with a range of 3D tools. Automate previously manual and error prone tasks to improve the quality of analysis, remove the risk of error and improve analysis.

Wondering how Aura can streamline your mapping workflows?


High density LiDAR data


Aura excels at displaying the dense, detailed point clouds produced by Hovermap, even for extremely large datasets with billions of points. Emesent’s proprietary Multi-Frame Rendering algorithm ensures crucial point cloud details are rapidly displayed in high definition for improved decision-making.


Multi-Frame Rendering efficiently visualizes your point cloud in the highest detail, no matter how dense the points or complex the asset, giving you deeper insights.

High density LiDAR data
Fast point cloud visualisation


Aura gives you the ability to toggle between open point clouds, so you can work on multiple scans at the same time as you are processing, improving efficiencies and saving you time.


Building on Emesent’s world leading SLAM algorithm, Aura provides even greater detail and more accurate point clouds, delivering superior results for challenging environments.

SLAM point cloud processing



Aura’s Automated Ground Control enhances the capabilities of SLAM-based mapping. It enables new use cases, including long, large, and feature-poor assets such as roads, stadiums, and tunnels – previously a challenge for SLAM-based mapping.

During processing, Automated Ground Control automatically detects the reflective ground control targets and uses these to both georeference the point cloud and improve accuracy. After running Automated Ground Control, you can validate your target alignment with a GCP Accuracy Report.

Emesent Ground Control targets are required to use Automated Ground Control.

Georeferenced point clouds
Real time kinematics (RTK)


Aura Real-Time Kinematics (RTK) allows you to scan on demand without the need to lay out or georeference ground control targets – accelerating time from scan to insight for your above ground Hovermap drone scans. The simplified, fast tracked workflow automates the creation of accurate, georeferenced point clouds in large or low feature environments or areas where ground control targets are not feasible. Automatic SLAM correction delivers higher quality results for repeat scans over the same area and enables changes to be easily detected.

Scanning with RTK requires a base station and receiver and a Hovermap integrated drone.


Aura provides Emesent’s best-in-class colorization for deeper environmental insights. Augmenting point clouds with true color provides additional context, more clarity, and realism to achieve greater insights across a variety of applications, revealing previously hidden details in your critical infrastructure.

Simply attach the rugged action camera (the GoPro Hero) to Hovermap with our custom quick-release mount. This modular approach extends the versatility and flexibility of Hovermap, allowing you to capture colorized scans as needed. Our team has developed a powerful software algorithm to achieve precise calibration and synchronization between the camera and LiDAR sensor, keeping it simple and easy to use while producing incredible results.

Point cloud colourisation
Emesent Business Plans
Versatile Hardware
Scan locations without GPS by walking, driving or flying with the same hardware.
No GPS Required
Map any environment quickly and safely with Hovermap’s SLAM localization.
IP65 Rating
IP65 rated unit is protected against dust and low-pressure jets of water from all directions, making it ideal for use in harsh environments.
Obstacle Proximity Map*
Use the proximity map to avoid obstacles and navigate the drone safely from a distance.
Accessory Port
An accessory port and mount points expand Hovermap ST’s capability with accessories such as a long-range radio.
Drone Mountable*
Attach the Hovermap payload to a compatible drone to use it as an all-in-one 3D mapping device.
Smart Battery Return-to-Home
Maximize flight time and return the drone to base safely using Hovermap’s battery monitoring and shortest route home features.
Magnetic Interference Tolerance
Maintain flight stability in areas of magnetic interference.
Barometric Pressure Tolerance
Fly safely in tight spaces where air pressure fluctuates using the Hovermap SLAM altitude control feature.
‘Mapping Only’
Rapid, high-definition survey-grade 3D data capture, in scenarios where autonomy is not required.
Omnidirectional Collision Avoidance
Create a virtual safety shield around the drone and avoid the smallest of obstacles.
Real-Time Point Cloud Streaming
View the 3D point cloud of your mapped environment in real time.
Smart Waypoints
Let the drone self-navigate to pre-set waypoints and monitor its progress via a live-streamed 3D map.
Beyond Line-Of Sight Flight (BLOS)
Capture complex assets with a BVLOS Hovermap flight in GPS-denied environments.
Guided Exploration and Intelligent Path Planning
Hovermap’s autonomous path planning algorithms guide the drone through its flight mission.
Tap-To-Fly Operation
Fly an entire mission, from take-off to landing, with Hovermap’s easy to use interface.
Communication Loss Return-To-Home
Minimize the risk from communications loss between the drone and Hovermap.
Live Stream Onboard Drone Camera*
View a live stream of the mission with an integrated drone camera and Emesent software.
Operate Beyond Communication Range
Hovermap finds a safe route to a waypoint (continue beyond Wifi and radio communication ranges) before returning to home.
Extend your connectivity range up to 20 times*
Long range radio enables users to live stream Hovermap point cloud data and control Hovermap from up to 20 times further.
GPS Denied Flight*
Allows drones to fly autonomously in GPS-denied environments, enabling a host of new applications such as flying and mapping in underground mines, inside warehouses or inspecting underneath bridges.
*Requires additional hardware to enable features

Frequently Asked Questions

Why would I use Emesent Aura?

No matter how dense your point clouds or complex your 3D structures are, Emesent Aura allows you to process, view, clean, edit, and take measurements from Emesent Hovermap point clouds in a single streamlined application. Aura lets you automate previously manual and error-prone tasks to improve the quality of analysis and optimise scanning results for better decision-making. Aura excels at displaying the dense, highly detailed point clouds created by Hovermap, even for extremely large datasets featuring billions of individual points. 

Does Emesent Aura support Ground Control Points (GCP)?

Emesent Aura’s Automated Ground Control enhances the capabilities of SLAM-based mapping. During processing, Automated Ground Control detects the reflective ground control targets and use these to georeference the point cloud while improving accuracy. Automated Ground Control is an Emesent Aura extension that requires an additional license. Emesent Ground Control targets (sold separately) are required in use with Automated Ground Control. Contact us for more information.

Does Emesent Aura provide colorization?

Emesent Aura’s Colorization offers a new dimension of reality capture to 3D point clouds for deeper environmental insights, providing additional context, more clarity and heightened realism. Colorization is an Emesent Aura extension that requires an additional license. You will also need a rugged action camera attached to your Hovermap. Contact us for more information.

Does Emesent Aura support Real-time Kinematics (RTK)?

Yes. Hovermap data capture combined with Aura’s RTK processing optimizes results by intelligently leveraging both RTK and SLAM to ensure the most reliable point clouds. RTK requires a compatible drone and additional software license to activate. Contact us for more information. 

Which drones does Emesent Aura RTK processing support?

Currently, Emesent Aura’s RTK supports Hovermap scans on the DJI M300 drone.

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