Drone RTK

Fast, accurate, drone-based scans without the need for GCP’s

Emesent Aura now supports RTK, automating high accuracy georeferencing and drift correction for Hovermap scans on DJI’s M300 and M350 drones. This enables the delivery of fast, accurate and precise above ground drone scans on demand, without the need to lay out and georeference ground control points.

Simply attach the Hovermap to your DJI M300 or M350 drone with the purpose-built mount, establish a connection and you are ready to start scanning. During processing Aura automatically evaluates the GPS signal quality and will intelligently choose the optimal combination of RTK and SLAM (either RTK and SLAM, or SLAM only if RTK is not of high enough quality), toggling between the two, to provide the user with the most reliable and robust point cloud. 

Benefit From:

Optimized results

Intelligently leverage both RTK and SLAM to ensure the most reliable, robust point cloud

Enhanced SLAM capabilities

Scan long linear assets or large areas

On-demand scanning

No need to lay out control targets

Consistent accuracy

Higher quality results for repeat scans and change detection

Simplified, fast-tracked workflow

Automated georeferencing and drift correction

Improved safety

Eliminate the need to access high risk areas or negotiate challenging terrain to establish targets

“We have done flights at 100m with 40% overlap, captured at 6m/s and generated data with check points around the +-20mm range. We sit back and are astonished by the data.”

David Wallingford – Talison Lithium

Where to use drone-based RTK

Compatible with:

  • Hovermap (HVM100, ST, and ST-X)
  • DJI M300 and M350
  • Emlid Reach RS2+ Base Station (recommended)
  • DJI D-RTK2 (supported)
  • 4G SIM Card Dongle for the DJI M300 Smart Controller to allow direct connection to the CORS network (for regions where this service is available)
  • 360 Colorization
  • 360 Images

Also available:

  • Protective Pelican case
  • Emlid RS2+ RTK Receiver
  • Emlid RS2+ Base Station Kit

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