Emesent Commander

Automated Mission Control

Emesent Commander, Hovermap’s mission control app, makes mapping, pilot assist and autonomous mission planning and control effortless. Designed with user-friendly workflow prompts and built-in fail safes, Commander gives you responsive touchscreen control, ease of navigation and access to Hovermap’s market leading autonomous capabilities via Emesent Cortex.

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Why choose Commander?

Responsive, intuitive command

Mission planning and execution reimagined with a sleek and responsive interface providing ease of navigation and a streamlined experience. Use via a tablet or smartphone in your local language.

Safer flying

Built in failsafes with pre-mission checks and clear notifications and action prompts during the mission, coupled with advanced obstacle avoidance capabilities keep your mission on track.

​​Effortless mission planning and control​

Easily personalize display settings and set and edit waypoints at the touch of a finger. Confidently complete mission objectives with automated prioritization of the best navigation source to ensure optimal data capture.

Optimized performance

Optimized for today’s ever increasing capture demands, Commander handles large volumes of point cloud data with ease , ensuring seamless data capture during scanning and reducing the need for rework or return trips to the site.

Operate with confidence

Enhanced point cloud visualization

Commander delivers live visualization with enhanced point cloud quality, clarity and depth perception.

Environmental handling improvements

​​​Hovermap’s autonomy can detect potentially hazardous environmental conditions such as dense vapor clouds in underground mining stopes and prevent flight into them to keep your device safe.

Plane clipping

Create top down or side on cross sections of your scan to expose greater detail or highlight areas of interest and hide the areas you don’t need to see. Ideal for visualizing floor plan detail of a building.

Personalized display settings

Customize your display to your preferences at the swipe of a button to view the live point cloud in the way that suits you best. Easily adjustable settings for bright light environments, field of view, grid overlays, point cloud size, opacity and more.

Wondering how Emesent Commander can streamline your mapping workflows?

Next generation mission planning and control

Simplified user interface

A new, intuitive and highly responsive touch screen interface delivers ease of navigation and smooth mission handling. The view of the live streamed point cloud is maximized on screen, while allowing status indicators and active settings to be observed at a glance.

Streamlined mission workflow

Seamless guided workflow for both mapping and autonomous missions provides effortless control and execution.

Advanced navigation

Hovermap automatically selects SLAM (Simultaneous Location and Mapping) as the primary navigation source to ensure optimal data capture and operation – no matter the environment. Hovermap’s exceptional dust filtering capabilities also allow safer, more confident autonomous flying in even the most challenging of environments.

Superior obstacle avoidance

Commander’s Shield function delivers advanced obstacle avoidance capabilities with increased precision, accuracy and range as well as exceptional dust filtering capabilities – allowing safer, more confident autonomous flying in even the most challenging of environments.

Clear warnings and notifications

Pre-mission checks ensure you are set up for scanning success, along with pop up notifications that keep you informed during the mission and provide guided prompts when action is needed to keep your mission on track.

Customise to your local language

Plan and execute your missions effortlessly in the language of your choice – English, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Italian, Russian, German, French, Portuguese (Brazil).

Choice of platforms

Choose the platform that suits you. Operate Commander via a tablet, drone controller – or use a smartphone for mobile mapping missions. With automatic device recognition and optimized interface tailored for use on smaller screens.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Emesent Commander?

Emesent Commander is a mission control app for Emesent’s 3D LiDAR mapping scanner Hovermap. Commander makes mapping, pilot assist and autonomous mission planning and control effortless. Designed with user-friendly workflow prompts and built-in fail safes, Commander provides responsive control, ease of navigation and access to Emesent’s market-leading autonomous capabilities via a touchscreen interface.  

Which version of Hovermap Firmware is Commander compatible with? 

Commander is compatible with Hovermap Firmware 3.0 and later. 

Which Hovermap models are compatible with Commander? 

You can use the Commander app with ST-X, ST and HVM100. 

Do I need to use Commander when operating Hovermap? 

Similar to using the previous Hovermap app, it’s your choice to use Commander for mapping. However, if you wish to complete autonomous missions using the latest firmware you need to use Commander. 

I am only using Hovermap for mapping. Do I need to use Commander? 

Emesent Hovermap will still function without Commander, however it is recommended to upgrade to the latest firmware and app to benefit from the newest features and the additional context provided to mapping missions. 

What is Commander’s ‘Shield’? 

Commander’s Shield prevents a drone from flying into obstacles and is enabled whenever a mission starts. In Autonomous mode, Shield settings are predetermined and cannot be changed. Shield settings may be adjusted when in Pilot Assist mode.  

What is Commander’s Task Manager?

Commander’s Task Manager drop down is where you add waypoints. To create a flight plan for your drone, tap the Add Task button to access the Task Manager panel. From there, you define the waypoints that your drone should follow during the mission. In future releases, the Task Manager will include other tasks such as capturing an image or performing rotations. 

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