Hovermap’s Vehicle Mount with RTK and Aura Update

If you can’t fly, why not drive?


Introducing Emesent’s vehicle-based scanning with RTK.  Simply attach the Hovermap Vehicle Mount with RTK to your vehicle, establish a connection, and you are ready to start scanning. “Vehicle RTK” is now supported by the latest release of Emesent Aura.


Watch our latest webinar to learn more about Vehicle RTK and get updated on Aura’s latest capabilities.

What we will be covering:

  • Vehicle Real-time Kinematics (RTK) integration to improve point cloud accuracy and georeference large scans using the Vehicle RTK kit.
  • 360 Colorization with the GoPro MAX 360 camera offers accelerated capture while enabling colorization on more platforms such as backpacks or vehicles.
  • Moving object filtering to accelerate the removal of unwanted moving objects such as people or vehicles.
  • Change detection and Convergence monitoring (BETA) leverages Emesent’s SLAM algorithm for streamlined alignment of two enclosed tunnel scans delivering a faster and easier workflow to identify changes.