Emesent is once again raising the bar for drone autonomy with Autonomy Level 2 (AL2) for Hovermap.

Ready, Tap, Fly


Emesent is once again raising the bar for drone autonomy with Autonomy Level 2 (AL2) for Hovermap. AL2 enables Hovermap to autonomously fly a drone beyond line of sight and communication range— even in challenging GPS-denied environments. Venture into previously inaccessible areas to capture data and deliver valuable insights.

With AL2, Hovermap pilots can fly an entire mission, from takeoff to landing, using a tablet. Data is processed onboard in real-time to stream a 3D map back to the operator. Simply tap on the map to set smart waypoints , and Hovermap takes care of the rest, navigating to the waypoints while avoiding obstacles.

Improved Safety

Keep personnel away from brows, stope edges, confined spaces or heights. Fly Hovermap beyond line of sight and capture critical data to assess the stability of geological features and improve decision-making in mine safety and design.

Greater Insights

Explore and map inaccessible areas. Fly Hovermap beyond the brow, into the stope, to capture accurate, reliable high-resolution point clouds without shadowing. Analytics conducted on a rich point cloud data gives engineers greater confidence in the final stope volume for reconciliation of production tons or for backfill.

Productivity & Efficiency

Quickly and safely map inaccessible underground excavations with minimal disruption to production. Hovermap can fly a mission and within minutes capture high resolution LiDAR point clouds and imagery.

Cost & Time Saving

Hovermap pilots can now fly an entire mission from take-off to landing using a tablet, with minimum training. Flying a mission using AL2 doesn’t require any specialist drone pilot skills and can be done by one person.

“AL2 is a game changer for us. It takes Hovermap into places that even the most experienced pilots would fear to venture, enabling us to obtain critical data in real-time without risking the machine. We’re already seeing great benefits to our workflow and operational efficiency from using the new technology.”

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Obtain Inaccessible Data
In 5 simple steps

Step 1. Arm

Arm the drone.

Step 2. Take Off

Simply tap on the tablet to take off and begin your mission.

Step 3. Add Way Points

Quickly and easily set smart waypoints by tapping on the real-time 3D map streamed to the tablet. AL2 will navigate around obstacles and through gaps to reach the waypoints.

Step 4. Return to home

“Smart” return to home finds the quickest way home when the battery is running low or a failsafe is triggered.

Step 5. Land

Tap to automatically land.

Collision Avoidance

Combined with Hovermap’s Virtual Shield technology, AL2 guides a drone into places that even the most experienced pilots would fear to venture. AL2’s ability to navigate safely through tight openings is unparalleled.

AL2 includes advanced failsafes and behaviors to deal with challenging conditions such as dust, thin wires, and communications loss. These enable robust autonomous flight that has been extensively tested in underground mines, forestry, and other challenging environments.

Dust Proof

Wire Detection

Fly Beyond Comms Range

Unprecedented Insights

Fly further than ever before and capture unprecedented insights to make confident assessments of your assets.

A powerful combination

Hovermap AL2 + M300

Tight integration – Easy plug-and-play

Hovermap AL2 allows DJI M300 users to extend the capabilities of the drone significantly, providing robust collision avoidance and accurate mapping. It also enables users to fly safely in GPS-denied environments, such as underground mines, tunnels, vertical shafts, indoors, and under ports and bridges.

The Hovermap-enhanced M300 is ideal for organizations working in challenging environments and needing smart, robust technology to help them collect accurate data for a range of purposes.

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