Hovermap LHD Mounting Kit

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Reduce Accidents & Incidents

An inability to adequately identify obstacles and structural hazards prior to and during LHD (also known as scooptram or bogger) operation can lead to accidents and incidents that have a significant production loss, cost and safety impact. Hovermap’s LHD solution makes underground mine production faster and safer by bringing visibility to LHD operations. 

Connecting easily and securely to the LHD, Hovermap enables an operator to remotely conduct a 360-degree scan of the working face and visualize results near real time for analysis, allowing them to safely identify obstacles and complex structural issues before they become a problem.

Benefit From:

360-degree visualization

Fast, safe 360-degree visualization of a stope without the blind spots, no light required

Safer operations

Safer operations with the ability to conduct a Hovermap scan and view outputs remotely

3D visualization

Three-dimensional visualization to identify loose rocks, structural hazards, and rill angles

Faster time to insight

Faster time to insight without the need for a drone or surveyor – the simple design means a user can create accurate stope scans in minutes, with limited training​

Reduced downtime

Reduced LHD downtime, maximizing production

Increased Savings

Savings on LHD repair or replacement costs

Where to use the LHD Mount

  • Underground mining LHD operations: any open stope or other underground mining operation using drill rigs, including cut and fill, block and sub level caving

What’s in the kit?

  • Hovermap LHD Mount with magnetic mounting pads and vibration isolators​
  • Commander Instant View software license​
  • Wheeled weatherproof transport case ​
  • Battery charger​
  • Battery cable for Hovermap​

*Contact Emesent for network set up consultation

Compatible with:

  • Hovermap ST or ST-X
  • Commander app 1.1 + on Android 12+
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab Active4 Pro 5G – SM-T636B or newer​

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