Case Studies

How Emesent Hovermap technology helped Petra Diamonds save millions

Petra Diamonds save millions in remediation costs at its Finsch Mine.

Finsch mine management needed an accurate condition assessment of an orepass to help them decide between remediation, to repair long term scaling, or abandonment. Their CMS data was outdated and failed to capture the full length of the orepass. They called in Dwyka Mining Services, who scanned the orepass by lowering Hovermap in a protective cage. It took Dwyka less than 20 minutes to scan the orepass and only 24 hours to deliver high- resolution point cloud data and visualizations of two orepass scans, a vertical shaft, two drawpoints, and access tunnels. Using Hovermap to capture accurate condition data saved Petra an estimated five months and five million rands (US$ 350,000).