Use Cases

20+ Ways to Use Hovermap in Underground Mining

Underground mines see savings on equipment and consultancy services with Hovermap’s versatility providing multiple applications.

Hovermap’s capability to reduce safety risks for personnel and equipment, and improve mining efficiency, comes from its extensive array of uses in underground mining. Hovermap’s advanced SLAM algorithms, autonomy capabilities, and sensor calibration enable data capture of hazardous, inaccessible areas, delivering insights that inform data-driven decision-making.

Hovermap’s underground mining data capture applications include:

  • inspecting drawpoints
  • identify oversize material
  • monitoring convergence in drifts
  • scanning raisebore rises to produce an as-built or condition report

A drone-mounted Hovermap scanning in an underground mine

A smart mobile lidar scanning unit, Hovermap can be mounted to a backpack, vehicle, or drone to quickly map complex underground environments. When mounted to a drone, Hovermap can map previously inaccessible and GPS-denied areas quickly.