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Osprey Integrity Speeds up Natural Disaster Recovery with Fast, Accurate Data Capture

After a natural disaster, repairing critical infrastructure can take years, making it difficult to return to life as usual. Forming an accurate damage assessment is vital as the first step towards recovery, but collecting data can be logistically challenging. Landslides, unstable ground, and tree collapse, among many other hazards, can impede the ability to gather intelligence on the condition of assets. At the same time, difficulties in capturing the data can result in incomplete or inaccurate as-found models.

Osprey Integrity are working to change this, starting with the collection of the data. Historically, a scan of a damaged bridge would be carried out manually by field personnel using terrestrial scanners and taking notes and photographs or by using aerial photogrammetry. This can take hours.

Osprey have reduced data capture time by up to 65%.

Find out how in this case study.