Vehicle Mount with RTK

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Confident Scanning – without GCP

Drone scan not suitable? Need to scan an area too large to walk? Emesent Vehicle RTK delivers confident scanning over large areas and of long, linear assets without the need for GCPs. Simply attach the Hovermap Vehicle Mount with RTK to your vehicle, establish a connection and you are ready to start scanning. Automated georeferencing and drift correction intelligently leverages both RTK and SLAM to optimize results and ensure the most reliable, robust point cloud, while eliminating labor-intensive and error prone processes.

Benefit From:

Speed & Accuracy

Fast, accurate, repeatable scanning for larger project areas or where drone use is not suitable


Improved SLAM robustness, enabling scanning of large areas and long, linear assets that have previously been challenging for SLAM-based LiDAR mapping systems

Faster time to insight

Automated georeferencing and drift correction, reducing the need for ground control targets and accelerating time to insight

Optimized Results

Seamlessly leveraging the optimal combination between RTK and SLAM to ensure the most reliable and robust point cloud


Ease of repeatability from consistent geolocation

Where to use Vehicle RTK

  • Large project areas where a drone is not suitable
  • Roadway projects
  • Road condition inspection
  • Urban planning
  • Civil engineering
  • Mining haul road compliance

What’s in the kit?

  • Vehicle mount with magnetic feet, recommended for most use cases.
  • Interchangeable vacuum feet that provide additional flexibility for vehicles without magnetic bodies and alternative use cases such as mounting to boats.
  • Extension pole and cables to connect GNSS receiver

Compatible with:

  • Emlid RS2/RS2+ RTK Receiver
  • 360 Colorization Kit for Hovermap
  • Handheld 360 Image Kit for Hovermap

Also available

  • Protective Pelican case
  • Emlid RS2+ RTK Receiver
  • Emlid RS2+ Base Station Kit

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