Emesent expands its partner network in Asia

World-leading drone autonomy company, Emesent, is increasing its footprint in Asia by appointing six new resellers in the region, including master resellers in Japan and China, Mirukuru Co Ltd in Japan and Beijing Tianhe Daoyun Technology Co Ltd (Daoyun Tech) in China.

The resellers provide regional access to Emesent’s flagship product, Hovermap, an autonomy and mapping payload that, when mounted to a drone, provides autonomous mapping in previously inaccessible areas.

“Our resellers allow us to work more closely with existing customers and build new partnerships to better serve the region,” said Jim Stuart, Senior Vice President – Sales & Customer Success.

Mirukuru Co Ltd, Emesent’s master reseller in Japan, is based in Tokyo and has been a trusted provider of scanning and remote sensing systems and software since 2003. They specialize in aerial LiDAR mapping, 3D modeling, and GIS projects.

When introduced to Hovermap they were impressed with the omnidirectional collision avoidance that ensures a minimum standoff is maintained from the asset.

“Hovermap has a level of autonomy and safety that we hadn’t seen before. We believe it can reduce time on site by up to 70% for a standard inspection,” said Shinji Inaba, Chief Technology Officer at Mirukuru.

“Mirukuru is a company with great experience in the 3D data capture industry and has been essential in establishing Hovermap as a strong and robust solution for LiDAR scanning in Japan,” said Mr Stuart.

Emesent’s Chinese master reseller Daoyun Tech is an industry leader in intelligent mining solutions and 3D laser scanning services. Established in 2014, Daoyun provides professional consulting and value-added resales to customers in mining industries in China. Daoyun customers include most of China’s major mining companies.

When introduced to Hovermap, they were impressed with its versatility.

“Hovermap has been used by our mining customers in both walking and UAV-mounted modes to scan treacherous stopes and dangerous drawpoints, which would be impossible to capture using conventional methods,” said Zhen Zonglai, President of Daoyun Tech.

“The Daoyun team’s knowledge and trusted reputation as a mining expert in China is a great fit for Hovermap, which was originally developed for use in mines. Their commitment to service has helped build Hovermap as a leading solution in the Chinese market,” said Mr Stuart.

In addition to these master resellers, Emesent has recently appointed new resellers in Singapore, Taiwan, the Philippines to complement the established network of resellers present in India, Indonesia, Malaysia, South Korea and Hong Kong.

“We look forward to working closely with our partners in the region to continue to grow the number of customers benefiting from Hovermap’s world-leading drone autonomy,” said Mr Stuart.

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