Emesent celebrates 5 years of autonomously mapping the inaccessible

Emesent, a global leader in autonomous mapping of GPS-denied environments, is celebrating its 5th year anniversary by announcing a deal for existing Hovermap 100 users to upgrade to the award-winning Hovermap ST or the more advanced Hovermap ST-X.

When released in 2019, the Hovermap 100 transformed decision-making underground, offering LiDAR-based mapping and autonomy to enable the fast and accurate capture and visualization of 3D data in GPS-denied environments.

Through the accurate and highly detailed 3D visualizations generated by Hovermap, customers immediately saw the value it offered in improving safety and maintaining operational efficiency. 

Hovermap’s ability to navigate dangerous, inaccessible, and GPS-denied environments delivered site managers and surveyors the insights they needed to make lifesaving and business-critical decisions. 

The Hovermap 100 has been instrumental in establishing Emesent’s success. In just over 5 years, the Brisbane Australia-based company, which has now grown to over 100 employees supporting over 50 reseller partners worldwide, has delivered three major versions of its industry-leading LiDAR mapping system. Emesent’s unique combination of SLAM-based LiDAR mapping, versatile hardware, and autonomous mapping capabilities has defined the standard for mobile reality capture. 

“The past 5 years has seen a great idea and a lot of hard work turned into a highly impactful solution, which through autonomous 3D data capture and visualization helps businesses make better decisions, improves safety, and ensures greater business productivity,” said co-founders Stefan Hrabar and Farid Kendoul in a joint statement. 

“We’re extremely excited to provide our earliest customers with the chance to upgrade their original purchase to our more advanced Hovermap models. It is our way of thanking them for believing in our vision and staying with us on this journey,” Hrabar and Kendoul jointly stated.

In the lead up to the 5th year anniversary, Emesent launched three new software offerings to further cement Hovermap’s leading position in the mobile mapping sector. This includes improved capabilities of Emesent’s Autonomy technology, a significant upgrade to Emesent’s data processing and visualization software called Aura, and a new Hovermap companion app that enhances operator safety while simplifying mission complexity. At the same time, the company has been releasing new accessories that enhance the versatility of Hovermap across a growing range of mapping use cases.

“We are just getting started,” said Emesent CEO Charles Miller. “With what has been achieved, not just in the past 12 months but the last five years, we are ready for the next phase of business growth – both in Australia and overseas.”

Details of the Hovermap 100 upgrade offer are:

Mapping customers who activate a new 3-year subscription receive:

  • 40% off purchase of Hovermap ST or ST-X models
  • 20% off all Hovermap accessories
  • Free Colorization Kit and GoPro

Autonomy customers who activate a new 3-year subscription receive:

  • Autonomy capabilities at the lower tier ‘Plus’ subscription price (when purchased before 28 June 2024)
  • 55% off purchase of Hovermap ST or ST-X models
  • 20% off all Hovermap accessories
  • Bonus Drone Mount Kit
  • Free Colorization Kit and GoPro

For more information about these offers, including terms and conditions, visit the Emesent Hovermap 100 upgrade webpage.

About Emesent: Emesent is a global leader in autonomous mapping technology, providing an innovative 3D data capture, processing and visualization solution for industries such as mining, public safety, oil and gas, construction, and engineering. Their award-winning flag-ship product Hovermap enables organizations to capture 3D LiDAR data quickly, efficiently, and safely in challenging and time-sensitive environments. Emesent’s products are used by clients worldwide to enhance productivity and decision-making. Established in 2018, Emesent was founded by Dr Stefan Hrabar and Dr Farid Kendoul, following a decade of robotics research at Australia’s CSIRO. As of November 2023, Emesent appointed Charles Miller as CEO. Visit www.emesent.com to learn more.

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