What I learned from scanning Alcatraz – Part 2

In Part 2 of our two-part series, Dr. Jeremy Sofonia dives into the data capture process and shares his learnings from the Alcatraz mapping project.

What I learned from scanning Alcatraz – Part 1

In Part 1 of our two-part series, Dr. Jeremy Sofonia discusses key tips and tricks when undertaking a large mapping project – starting with the planning.

M300/M350 RTK: Improved SLAM accuracy & georeferencing

Explore the improved SLAM accuracy and georeferencing of M300/M350 RTK in this March 2024 whitepaper.

Global georeferencing accuracy with Vehicle RTK

Verified by independent surveyor Orion Spatial Solutions, this June 2024 report tests the georeferencing accuracy of Emesent’s Vehicle RTK solution.

How to optimize your geotechnical monitoring program

Discover how to focus your change detection and convergence monitoring efforts to truly optimize your geotechnical monitoring program.

Memorial Hall (Harvard University)

Download this detailed true-to-life colorized scan of the Memorial Hall (Harvard University) in Massachusetts, USA, which took under 10 minutes to scan.

Taman Menteng Park

Explore this incredibly detailed scan of Taman Menteng park, which was captured by our Emesent partner, Osealand Survei Indonesia.

Hovermap Colorization

Download this scan of a suburban Australian environment captured using Hovermap, then rendered in Emesent’s visualization and processing software, Aura.

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