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Emesent’s Convergence Monitoring Solution

Emesent Hovermap ST-X: Featuring a sensing range of up to 300 meters (984 feet), Emesent’s flagship LiDAR mapping scanner offers high density point clouds and exceptional coverage, enabling accurate analysis of Convergence Monitoring data.

Mapping Subscription: Provides key features and support for handheld, backpack and vehicle scanning.

Emesent Aura’s Convergence Monitoring module: Delivers a streamlined workflow to process, align and visualize changes between two Hovermap scans. While Aura is included with a Mapping subscription, the new Convergence Monitoring module provides an easier, faster, more repeatable software workflow with less subjective outputs.

Geotechnical consultation: Two x 1-hour personalized video calls with our specialist team ensure successful deployment of the Emesent Convergence Monitoring solution.


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Key use cases

Convergence monitoring

Gross/net displacement, rate

Discontinuity mobilization

Shear zones, faults, large-scale structure

Brow damage

after firing or mucking

Forensically analyzing rock bursting and seismic damage

Depth of damage

Ground support performance and residual capacity

Interactions between adjacent and overlying levels

Mine scale instability recognition

Tracking rehabilitation

Operationalize your monitoring program


Underground displacement and movement can threaten lives and impact productivity at any time. Regularly and accurately monitoring change and convergence is vital to safeguarding against incidents – but not easy to achieve.

With only a fraction of mining process observable through drill holes or excavation fronts, capturing sufficient data to confirm stability can be a challenge. Processing the data to deliver analysis-ready outputs is typically time-consuming and manual. It is no surprise that many mining operations fall short in the frequency and extent of their monitoring efforts, which means they fail to meet necessary standards for operational safety and efficiency.

Emesent’s solution delivers a simplified, easy-to-use workflow that reduces the need for data segmentation or manual alignment, making it ideal for long scans such as raises. We have also introduced an advisory service – supported by expert geotechnicians – to ensure you are maximizing the capabilities of Aura to optimize your monitoring program.

Emesent eliminates dependence on third-party software to build the full picture, delivering a faster, more efficient workflow, with more repeatable, quantifiable outputs to identify where change or dilation is occurring and the velocity of this change over large areas.

What’s more, Emesent’s data can also be combined with other data for root-cause analysis or determine why change is occurring, helping you undertake regular and more widespread monitoring of change and providing the insights you need to make business-critical decisions.


“This is the first step in making SLAM LiDAR monitoring more readily accessible to all underground mines. The reduction in processing time and removal of manual processing radically improves the efficiency of LiDAR for convergence monitoring in underground mines.”

-Evan Jones, Principal Mining and Rock Mechanics Engineer, Engenex

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