Webinar: Achieving Greater Data Collection Levels, Faster, for Longhole Stoping

Mine Survey Plus was engaged to assist at the longhole stoping operations of a narrow vein, open stope gold mine located in the Kalgoorlie region of the Western Australian Goldfields.

Webinar: Fast and Accurate Topographical Surveys

Hear from LSTC Group, surveying experts, about how they are collecting, checking and drawing topographical surveys for building sites, cable routes, and volumetrics.

Webinar: Expediting Critical Infrastructure Recovery after a Natural Disaster

In this on demand webinar, Willie Whelan, Vice President – Business Development at Canadian data acquisition company Osprey Integrity, shares their insights for expediting the repair of often extensive damage to critical infrastructure after a natural disaster.

Webinar: From scan to BIM in minutes: using mobile LiDAR mapping for construction projects

Mobile scanning is quickly becoming an important element for companies specializing in LiDAR scanning, mapping, and surveying.

Monitoring an Intake Vent Shaft to Maintain Safe Operations

In this 30-min webinar Linda Snyman, Senior Operations Geotechnical Engineer, CMOC Northparkes Mines, describes how they conduct annual scans of a 560 m intake vent and conduct change detection analysis to assess the rate of self-mining.

Webinar: Unlocking new valuable mining insights

Unlocking new valuable mining insights for underground and open pit operations

Webinar: Enhancing Productivity and Safety at Trevali’s Rosh Pinah and Perkoa mines

Watch this webinar to discover how Trevali’s Rosh Pinah deploys Hovermap in its underground mine to support planned expansion.

Achieving Survey Grade with SLAM-based LiDAR mapping

Unrivaled SLAM Accuracies and Workflow Efficiencies with Hovermap ST and the Automated Ground Control Feature

Digitalization of Cultural Heritage

Listen to this recorded webinar to hear from some of the team using 3D reality capture in support of digital archeology to study and preserve the Quinkan rock art sites.

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