Achieving Survey Grade with SLAM-based LiDAR mapping

Unrivaled SLAM Accuracies and Workflow Efficiencies with Hovermap ST and the Automated Ground Control Feature

Digitalization of Cultural Heritage

Listen to this recorded webinar to hear from some of the team using 3D reality capture in support of digital archeology to study and preserve the Quinkan rock art sites.

DARPA Competition Drives Autonomous Exploration

Watch this webinar to learn how placing second in the DARPA SubTerranean Challenge allowed Emesent to advance their technology’s autonomous capabilities in exploration and mapping in underground environments.

Webinar: Enabling the digital mine of the future through autonomous underground data capture

Data capture in the mining industry has been exponentially evolving over the last 10 years. We are capturing data at an increased resolution and accuracy. Rich information can be at ever-shorter intervals of time, enabling live modelling and dynamic planning that is continuously adapting in order to achieve the company’s business goals. Furthermore, advances in data analytics and analysis optimise and influence future decision making.

From Point Clouds to CAD Drawings

Producing better outputs, faster with Hovermap data in PointCab Origins

Expediting As-built Capture with Versatile LiDAR Scanners

Find out how two spatial data experts are reducing the time they spend capturing existing structures and help their clients achieve considerable savings with Hovermap’s versatility

EROCK improves data capture in infrastructure and construction

Eric Bennett, President and Founder of EROCK LLC, shares how they reduce time on site, keep away from hazards and capture accurate data with Hovermap.

Better Data and Greater Insights for AEC

Hear from three data capture experts how they have improved their workflows for their construction and infrastructure projects.

Building a more accurate BIM with Hovermap

Hovermap customers talk about how they are able to reduce their time on site and capture high quality colorized point clouds for AEC bid jobs, facility management, floor plans, and other A&E projects.

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